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Fan: commissioning editor date: 2016-3-24 AIR MAX CON shoes event photos: first look annual Air Max Day is coming to celebrate the third year celebration (March 26th, Saturday). On this occasion, Nike invited the fans of this classic sports shoes series to attend the first Air Max Con shoes tournament.speaking of sealing ability of James, we first thought is his body after large cap. Indeed, he who at the age of chivalry includes highlights of the caps on pre heat lets the human l cheap foamposites ook like is really excited, the other potential in will receive a layup or dunk direct cap to the backboard, and some even play near the midline of the direct result of the team a fastbreak points, which for the atmosphere in the stadium and the morale of the team is a huge improvement. The following look at James's flying cap. video source: . more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [ cheap jordan shoes for men when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. this morning, Chinese swimmer Sun Yang shoes updated a microblogging, although sunyang shoe fracture of his right foot was still not fully recovered, but 361 still generous gift has a pair of looks pretty good "Qi running shoes" to him, have to say the name still sounds a little cool and mysterious feeling of. 361 in blessing Sun Yang shoes can hurry up and get better at the sam Cheap air jordans for sale e time, incidentally also for new products advertised, sun is also very dedicated single foot wear and for everyone to show this 361 SAC-AIR II of the second generation of air suspending slow running shoes shock ", and etc. after recovery can certainly with the" lightning "sloth, run up to the brake not foot. overwhelmed 361 launched SAC-AIR II second generation of gas suspension slow shock shoes with MD (Phylon of buy) damping material and Sac-Air 2.0 palm combined gas tank type Retro jordans for sale suspension, better strengthen damping, support and comfort. At the same time equipped with full palm slip resistant rubber outer sole, wear-resistant, non slip effect is better. The upper single-layer gauze material, provide better air permeability. as to what is the SAC gas suspension technology: 361 Sac-Air cushion Sac-Air gas suspension running shoes the is to regular atmospheric air for shock absorber filling material, can be continuously and circularly using inflatable, with e cheap jordans for sale nergy conversion function is stable, no need to worry about because of air natural discouraged and loss function; at the same time, the use of air cushion is inflated type integral structure, wearing not long continued under high pressure, and significantly prolong the service life of the air cushion. before to point to observe this pair of Sac-Air gas suspension running shoes bottom, you can see the air profile shows U-shaped on double elliptical structure support stereo structur Cheap air jordan 12 ovo e, this design can make bottom accepts shocks will impact force is dispersed into the wings on both sides of the gas, the both sides of the wing by gas pressure increased the volume expansion of foot coated fixed role; and when the heels stride, on both sides of the wing air pressure quickly return to middle, the formation of air cushion on the foot motion energy feedback loop, thereby completing the energy conversion of the stable work. At the same time, with air cushion for Sac-a Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ir dual structure, air cushion and a side wall of the air cushion "hollow hole column" together constitute the supporting framework, and the formation of a shock absorber structure system, coupled with air cushion itself unique three-dimensional air cushion structure, double shock absorber system integration operation, than all the traditional air has higher stability degree, even in the same air cushion internal pressure and external pressure, but also comfortable and stable weari cheap jordans online ng a walking. theoretically speaking such air cushion design can indeed make runners wearing it running feel more relaxed, but there are many netizens said "just feet foot and not particularly good", "air cushion will leak", current 361 air cushion technology has been updated to the second generation, but still seems to many runners don't feel too mature. so this double "SAC-A〉; 361Hip-Hop singer A$AP Rocky earlier in the Instagram bursts of multi style photos, and its body Retro jordans for sale Supreme x Louis Vuitton joint pants quickly became the focus of everyone's hot. This trousers did not appear in the Louis Vuitton conference in Paris, from which you can see the iconic red Supreme as the main tune, and will be combined with LV Monogram joint pattern on top of it. In addition, with the debut of FENDI Gucci also includes a fur coat, pink sweater and belt and Air custom Nike Force 1 single product. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement ti cheap jordans for sale mens de], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! PUMA recently, with the Shanghai hot restaurant BLACKBIRD cooperation, cross-border build SNEAKER CAFE. BLACKBIRD restaurant is located in the Shanghai Naozhongqujing Urumqi Road, Dongping Road, building a simple neutral grey black and white tone style decoration Nordic wind, the sun through the large panoramic glass filled with the space, once known as "perhaps the most beautiful restaurant in Shanghai. PUMA SNEAKER CAFE will be limited from April 7th to May 7th. During the campaign, SNEAKER CAFE specially opened a corner of the historical wall, recalling the classic moments of the PUMA brand and its famous shoes. Creeper, Suede, Disc Blaze and Trinomic PUMA in different times, the most representative of the classic shoes, to decorate the illustration form different innovative in store which brings interesting visual experience for consumers. At the same time, PUMA season's most hot new shoes, B.O.G, Sock and Basket Heart will also focus on this presentation. In addition to shoes, BLACKBIRD PUMA also tailored brand elements into meals, design have great originality of the two PUMA Sneaker B.O.G In The Box - afternoon tea packages and Basket Heart In The Box package for the guests. From this season's B.O.G Sock shoe color in the inspiration, B.O.G In The Box brought you hand grinding Black Sesame Mousse, black sesame, bamboo charcoal sponge cake and a variety of exquisite desserts. Basket Heart In The Box is a special pink Raspberry Mousse with brown sugar and sage crisp lovely shape bow, echoing Basket Heart perfect shoes sweet element. is worth mentioning is that customers can also be in the PUMA Sneaker in the afternoon tea restaurant to taste the most popular cotton candy clouds Cafe Latte and rose high Yan value drink cappuccino. So hard to build!